Wednesday, March 24, 2010

PH253: Schedule

I've updated the Google calendar to reflect our adapted schedule ... have a look. Clicking on any class event and showing event details will tell you what sections of the book are relevant for that day.

Basically, compared to the original schedule, we are doing more solid state physics + applications and skip the sections on nuclear/particle physics (as it will be covered in the new PH354 'Intermediate Modern Physics' curriculum from now on).

If you'd rather just have a printed schedule, look here. Same information, but you can see it all at once ...

Note that the very last lecture (29 Apr) is partly final exam review, and partly 'viewer's choice' ... that means I'm open to suggestions for what you want the final lecture to be about. Most anything plausibly PH (or CH or ECE or MTE) related is fair game ... give me some suggestions for a topic you think we miss during the semester, and I'll try to prepare a short lecture on it.

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