Thursday, May 6, 2010

PH253: Final grades

I have graded the finals (twice, actually, to be sure) and put the results up on Moodle. Your letter grades are also up on myBama.

Your final exam scores and overall average now show up there; I will post the letter grades on myBama shortly. There are still some days to make changes if you notice errors, and feel free to email me with any questions.

The final exam average was 80.0%, with a 13.6% standard deviation -- not bad at all. Some of you moved up a letter grade, and some moved down. Calculating overall grades was very agonizing in the latter case, by far the worst part of this job (far worse than having an early class you haven't taught before). I hate to see people move down based on the final exam, but it has to happen in some cases. I was generally pleased with how it came out though. A few of you really pulled yourselves up on the final, and that was good to see. A smaller number of you made a significant drop, and that is the main reason I spent a few hours going over each final exam one more time to be certain.

Overall, the class average ended up at 84% with a 9% standard deviation -- quite top heavy, with a 16:15:15:1 ratio for A:B:C:D. No one failed outright (which was awesome, given that it was touch-n-go until the final exam).

Anyway: I had a lot of fun this semester, and it was a pleasure to have all of you. Whether or not your grade came out how you wanted it to, I hope it seems fair & transparent at least, and more importantly, I hope you learned something useful over the course of the semester.

Below, some final silly plots for your final grades, and the final exam. The first image is for the overall course grades, the second for the final exam only.

Have a great summer!


  1. Awesome, I got the grade I wanted by .5%! Thanks for a good semester; I enjoyed your class and hope to have you again.

  2. I enjoyed your class. One of the best physics teachers I have had at UA. If I had another physics class to take, I would want it to be you.

  3. I second K. Whitney--though it was only after review for final that I finally grasped most of the concepts.