Tuesday, October 5, 2010

PH253: Physics help desk

Good news everyone, I've negotiated with the PH10x TAs, and they have agreed that it is OK if you come by the physics help desk for PH253 homework questions.* You can find the help desk hours here. The following TAs explicitly agreed to help with PH253 questions:

Lei Lu, Zachary Burell, Arindam Das, Jason Carson, Chockalingam Sivakumar, Sahar Keshavarz, Christopher Sterpka, Andrea Chaney

I didn't hear back from a few of the TAs when I asked if it was OK for you to come by, but the list above covers most of the available help desk hours. (I said that a lack of response would be construed as a 'yes' on their part though.) I agreed to send them the HW solutions in advance each week so they can better help you.

*Previously, the help desk was only for 100-level physics, but I asked if they would expand their repertoire.


  1. My office hours :

    Monday : 11 am - 1 pm (or 3 pm- 5 pm )

    Friday : 12 pm- 1pm

    Otherwise I am available at my office 102 at Gallalee almost all the time .....

    If you don't find me, please send me a mail at adas8@crimson.ua.edu .

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  3. http://bama.ua.edu/~zmburell

    click "Teaching" for my office hours