Friday, October 1, 2010

Physics tutoring

Two options:

1) I am going to negotiate with the grad students running the physics help desk to let you go to their hours for help. They are only expected to help out with 100-level physics at the moment, but I think they'd be happy to help. Presume you can go to their office hours listed in the link above unless I tell you otherwise ...

2) The physics student society runs study sessions every Sunday evening at 6pm in 109 Gallalee. It is not organized per se, but a group of physics students that get together to work on homework collectively. A lot of them are upper-level students who have already been through PH253, so they can help. I've talked to them, and they are happy to work with anyone who shows up. The main entrance is locked on Sunday, but usually they will have someone manning the quad-side door periodically to let people in. This might be the even better option, sometimes getting some help from someone who was in your position not so long ago is the best.

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