Thursday, September 30, 2010

Public talk this evening

We had a good turn out, I saw quite a few of you there. I though it was a great talk, particularly relevant to what we've been covering lately (down to the fact that he used some of the same images/videos I've posted here). I really liked the football throwing explanation of particle tunneling ... it is important to know your audience.* Thanks for making a good showing for Dr. Orzel!

If you couldn't make either of his lectures today, you can still do the extra credit assignment. The first chapter of his book (and a dramatic reading of chapter 3) are available here. Chapter 1 discusses the wave particle duality (which we spent quite a bit of time on). In lieu of attending the talk, you can read it and write me a page about what you learned from it according to the previous rules. It is a good read, and I highly recommend the whole book. (And no, I don't get anything for saying that, I met Dr. Orzel for the first time today.)

*That's not to say that my brown bottle explanation of tunneling this morning was making a comment about what you do in your spare time, but it seemed like an everyday thing you could all at least imagine, even if lacking the requisite first-hand experience. I clearly need more football-based explanations.

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