Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Special colloquium next week!

Next week, on Thursday, 30 September at 7:30pm, we are having a very interesting public talk in 227 Gallalee:

"What Every Dog Should Know About Quantum Physics" by Dr. Chad Orzel of Union College

Chad Orzel is the author of a popular physics blog called Uncertain Principles: http://scienceblogs.com/principles/

and the author of a book titled "How to Teach Physics to Your Dog"

Chad Orzel's bio can be found here:

Here is an abstract for Chad's public talk:

Quantum physics, the science of extremely small things like atoms and subatomic particles, is one of the best tested theories in the history of science, and also one of the most bizarre. Many of its predictions -- particles that behave like waves, cats that are alive and dead at the same time, objects that pass through barriers as if they weren't even there -- seem more like science fiction than science fact. This talk will explain the reality behind some of the stranger aspects of quantum physics, and why it is so important that even dogs should know about it.

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