Wednesday, September 22, 2010

PH253: random exam hints

Just sent this as an email to one of you:

I think the best thing to study right now would be 1) the practice problems I put out - I will use one or two of them directly on the exam, and 2) this semester's and last semester's homework problems, focusing on the shorter problems (not the really lengthy and mathematical ones). The exam questions will be easier than most HW problems, but covering similar topics.
The book doesn't have many good problems for 2.4.1-2, I have to admit. The problems on uncertainty will be like numbers 9 & 10 on the practice problems - using a de Broglie wavelength and the uncertainty principle together, but in a more or less straightforward way. If you can do those two problems, you are more or less OK on 2.4.1-2.
For Compton scattering, just read the notes I put out, and that should be enough.
For relativity, the sample problems are good.
For the Photoelectric effect, there is really only the one equation - it will have to be something like given wavelengths and voltages, find the work function ... not much else to ask.
For photons & the quantum hypothesis, questions will be like something like the HW problem finding the number of photons per second put out by a radio transmitter.

For radiation, it will be a simple example like given an acceleration, find the power radiated by a charge, or the energy radiated in a time t (E = Pt).


  1. This class must be getting easier, because lat semester we use to blow up the comment section with questions the night before an exam.

  2. The homework definitely isn't easier, but maybe I'm more terrifying this semester ;-)

  3. Naw, everyone in the class just accepted that they were going to fail anyway. No use asking questions the night before.