Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PH253: Extra credit possibility

I posted last week that we'll have a special physics lecture Thursday evening. I think it will be really fun, and directly relevant to our course material. So here's the deal
  1. You attend the lecture.
  2. You write me 1 page (8.5x11 in paper, 1.5 inch margins, 12pt font, single spaced) covering
  • One new thing you learned from the lecture
  • One way the lecture tied in to PH253
  • One way the lecture tied in to your major/field of study
  • One way the lecture tied in to everyday life
Do this, and I give you as much as +2% on your overall grade at the end of the semester, depending on quality of your writeup.*

To give you an idea of what 2% means:

  • There will be about 10 HW sets. Each is worth about 1% of your grade. This is 2 free HW sets. Typing up a single page should take a minuscule amount of time compared to my HW sets :-)
  • Each exam is 30% of your grade, each question on the exam about 6%. This is like adding 3 points to your lowest exam question.

The speaker has a very good blog here, and a highly entertaining and interesting book you might check out.

*If you are a non-native English speaker, this will be taken into account. English grammar and spelling is very silly.


  1. What is the due date for this extra credit opportunity?

  2. By the end of the semester. Though I suggest doing it sooner rather than later so you remember what the talk was about ...