Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday's lecture, evaluations

Today, in about 10 hours, we will figure out how lasers work. That's our last regular lecture, Thursday's lecture is still up to you, to an extent.

If you don't like lasers, here's another reason to attend: we'll do the department's discursive 'free-form' course evaluations at the end of the lecture. A good chance to give some (totally anonymous) feedback on what you'd like to see done differently, or not. I really do read all the evaluations and adapt based on the feedback.

The discursive evaluation is in addition to the online evaluation form for course evaluation you should have received email about already (probably a couple of times). Currently, only 26% of you have done the online evaluations, so please, please check your email (search for SOI if you have a lot of email) and fill out the college-wide evaluation. It takes 10 min at most, it is completely anonymous, and like the discursive evaluation, I take them very seriously when planning my courses.

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