Wednesday, December 8, 2010

PH253: final exam

I've decided to make it easier on you for the final, at least in terms of what you need to study.

The final exam questions will be drawn entirely from exam and homework problems from this and last semester, including last semester's final exam. (Just like I did for the last exam.) All I'm going to do is take old HW and exam problems, change some quantities or what I'm asking for, strip them down to an appropriate length if necessary, and recycle them. [Update: by exam problems, I mean the actual exam, not the sample problems.]

Some HW/exam problems are too long for the exam. Those problems will be shortened (perhaps only asking part a out of several parts). Some HW/exam problems involve too much time-consuming math for an exam, those problems will be modified to be less tedious.

So, there you go: all you need to do is understand how the old problems are worked (they will not be used verbatim, so copying them is of limited utility), and you are all set.

Again, you can bring in 2 formula sheets - either 2 sheets front & back, or 4 sheets with one side only. I'll provide all the basic formulas you need.

And, as a reminder, the final is this Friday at 8am in the usual room.

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