Monday, December 13, 2010

PH253: preliminary grades on myBama

I've posted "final" grades on myBama, subject to the following qualifications:
  1. I have to check my spreadsheet thoroughly to be sure all my calculations are correct.
  2. I will have one more look at your final exams if you are on the borderline between two grades (I've graded them twice thusfar).
  3. Some of you might still sneak in an extra-credit assignment or late HW by the end of Monday.  (HINT)
So, I may have to make revisions after I review everything again, but as of right now everything seems to be in order. If you feel there is a mistake, contact me ASAP. Ditto if you want to know your grade breakdown.

Overall, I think most of you will not be surprised by your grade - not many of you moved up or down greatly based on your final exam score. (The class average was 0.76% higher after the final, the final exam average was 82%.) Notably, however, a couple of you managed to pull out a passing grade based on a very impressive showing on the final, which was nice to see.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the semester, I certainly did.

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