Thursday, December 9, 2010

PH253: server issues

UPDATE 2: with the server being down, Moodle is also down until further notice. Hopefully it will come back up some time today. Also, a draft of the formula sheet for the final.

UPDATE: HW and Exams mirrored here. The additional notes as well (well, most of them, until I hit my quota on Lame.)

For what I hope to be a short while, old HW/exams/etc are unavailable, owing to some script kiddie messing with the server I'm using:
I just got word that the machine that runs the faculty websites has been hax0red, so we have to take it offline till we can figure out what happened.
I will try to get a mirror up later this morning.


  1. Any chance we can get the formula sheet posted so we can know what we need to put on our personal sheets?

  2. Hmmm, I do believe the notes on molecules are slightly - shall I say dead?


  3. Yeah ... ran out of 'bama quota. Will try to solve it shortly. Email me if you want a copy before then.

  4. Ran out of quota in the middle of a file? You are really pushing it then! :o

  5. No kidding. This is why I use a server in the MINT center ... 'bama accounts are stingy with the quota.

  6. "An automatic check has indicated that you have nearly reached your storage limit for your Bama account."

    Well, they caught it in less than 24 hours anyway.