Monday, February 22, 2010

PH253: HW 5 is out

Homework 5 is now out. Since I'm a little late in getting it out, you can turn it in Friday instead of Thursday.

Recall that you can turn in problem 4b from Exam 1 for an additional 1.5 points (5%) on Exam 1. You can turn this in with HW5 (at the latest). 


  1. Are you gonna post any hints?

  2. on problem 7a, is the question asking us to put the equation in terms of E and then in terms of a


    try to isolate E and a on the same side in the same equation?

  3. When you plug in the given formula for the wave function, isolate all the terms with like factors of x (be careful when you take the second derivative). There should be two x-squared terms.

    If there is to be a general solution, the x-squared terms have to be equal, which will give you an expression for a.

    I'll post some hints shortly.