Saturday, February 13, 2010

PH253: more practice problems

UPDATE 5: some typos fixed, particularly one in problem 10 just above equations 36-39. The sentence fixed was "The muon has both kinetic energy and rest energy, and we can write its total energy in terms of ..." The prior version said "... write its total kinetic energy ..." which is incorrect.

UPDATE 4:  all problems should have solutions now. I also realized that partial derivatives are beyond the stated math prereq, so you can ignore problem 11 ... something like that will not be on the exam.
UPDATE 3:  answers for all but 11 are included and some typos in the problems fixed.
UPDATE 2:  answers for all but questions 6, 8, 11 are there.
UPDATE: answers for about half the problems are up now. Should have the rest done in an hour or so.

Here you go. These are much closer to real exam problems. Read the general comments as well: one or two of these problems might just show up on the exam with little or no modification.

Answers & some solutions will follow later today.

UPDATE: I scratched the first problem (density and so forth) on further reflection.


  1. when will you be posting the solutions?

  2. at least some of them will be posted in about half an hour