Friday, January 29, 2010

Newton's method on your TI, fancier

Using actual programming, not just the "ans" function. TI 83/84 or 89.

Back in the day, we didn't have such things ... it is almost too easy :-)


  1. For those who might want to put this in, but don't really know how to program the calculator, I thought I'd post where some of the keys are located to save people some time. (This is for the TI-83's. I don't own a TI-89, so I don't know anything about them. :P )

    Disp and Input are under PRGM -> I/O
    Lbl is under PRGM -> CTL
    Y1 is under VARS -> Y-VARS -> FUNCTION
    --> is the STO-> key
    nDeriv is under MATH -> MATH
    = and < , I could only find under CATALOG (2nd + 0). Just hit the Z button and scroll down until you find them.
    The rest of the variables are just any letters you put in using the ALPHA key (or A-LOCK)

  2. Neat! Looks like a handy program.