Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turning in HW or lab reports

You have a few options.
  1. If it is before ~6pm, drop it off at my Gallalee (110) or Bevill (228) office. You can slide it under the door if I'm not in. After 6 you can't get in Bevill without special access, and after ~8 you (probably) can't get in Gallalee.
  2. If it is before 4:45, put it in my mailbox in the main physics office, Gallalee 206. The staff leave and closet the office at 4:45.
  3. Scan it or take a digital photo and email it to me before midnight. Make sure you have the technology straightened out before, e.g., 11pm or chaos will ensue. Essentially any electronic format is acceptable, it is unlikely you'll pick one I can't read (and that is not a challenge ...).
The same goes, roughly, for PH255 lab reports. For those, electronic copies (PDF, Word, PPT, etc) are vastly preferred. Nearly any electronic format is acceptable.

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