Friday, January 22, 2010

PH253: Homework 2 is out

Homework 1 solutions will come out Friday afternoon some time; for now here's homework 2.

It should be shorter than the last one, but two things to note: there are a couple of nasty mathematical bits which I'll point out in lecture, and question 4 involves some basic plotting and data analysis, so it may take a little longer. Here is a copy of the plot needed for question 4. As for the plotting required: it can be a hand-drawn plot on graph paper if you like, or a fancy Excel/Matlab/Origin graph, whatever is easier for you. I'll give you the raw data used to generate the plot if you wish.

Tuesday I'll run through all the questions in case you're having trouble, and probably before that I'll post some hints here.


  1. For problem 7, what should we use as the human emissivity coefficient? ~.95~.99?

  2. We'll assume an ideal, spherical human; call it 1.0

  3. Thanks, but where would you find one of those?