Tuesday, January 12, 2010

PH253: Syllabus and important information

You can find your syllabus here, which contains important information about grading and such things. You will probably also want to check out the course calendar, which you can subscribe to if you wish.

By the time you read this, we will have had the first class already, so you probably know what's going on by now. For Thursday's class, please read through Ch. 1 in Pfeffer & Nir, at least as far as section 1.3.6.

The first homework set will appear on Thursday, so rest easy for now ...


  1. The calendar says that our final would be from 8am to 9am. We WOULd have more time right?

  2. Ahh ... my bad. It is really from 8-10:30.

  3. (Should be fixed on the calendar now.)