Monday, January 25, 2010

PH255: lab procedures

Just a reminder, bring the lab procedures you used last time with you to lab today. For the first few weeks, you'll pass the write-ups from group to group, marking them up each time you find errors/improvements/etc. After a couple of weeks, I'll collect them all and fold the changes back in to the master copies. Continuous quality improvement.

Along those lines, don't forget to use the instrument log books (beside each apparatus) to note any details that might not be in the writeup, the status of the equipment, and date and operations you performed on the apparatus. These logbooks will serve as guides to the next group to use the apparatus, as well as crucial information for troubleshooting should anything go wrong. They are meant to be a 'living record' of how and when the equipment has been used.

Also, don't forget your lab notebooks ...

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