Monday, April 19, 2010

Extra-credit possibility

For both PH253 and PH255, see the note from our department chair below. If you participate in the major field test, you will receive some sort of extra credit (tied to performance on the exam) for both PH253 and PH255. Details TBD.
Our annual offering of the Major Field Test in Physics will
be Tuesday afternoon of next week, 27 April ... more exact
time and place still to be determined.

This test helps us assess how well our undergraduate courses
are doing for you.  It is not a test you need to study for, but
it provides extra credit for those of you who are enrolled
in 200-, 300-, and 400-level physics and astronomy courses.
The amount of extra credit is tied to how well you do on the
exam.  We also will provide snacks during the exam and
there will be prizes for the top sophomore, junior and senior

We are still trying to sort out logistics, but I wanted to give
you a week's notice for the exam.

More information will be coming soon.


  1. what would you recommend for a good couple days of studying? I have all my old books? should I pay specific attention anywhere?

  2. Anything I put on a homework set or especially on an exam is very good to review; not all the lecture stuff will show up. There will be a couple of problems directly from HW and exams.

    Mainly, practice solving problems if you think you have the basic concepts down. I'll post a list of topics that are fair game by this weekend, and try to get some more sample problems up as well.

    For now, I'd say focus on HW and exams; should have more detail soon.