Monday, April 26, 2010

PH253: Example problems for the final.

Find the first batch here.

They are by and large a bit shorter than what the final questions will look like, but if you can handle these, you can handle the final.

More to follow on the remainder of the material, hopefully tonight. Answers/solutions will not be posted immediately so you give them a try first ...


  1. yay, sample problems!

  2. when r u gonna give the solutions for the second exam?

  3. Ok ... the Exam II solutions are done, but there is a wrinkle. Some people have not turned in HW10 yet, which is just solving the rest of the exam, since I have made the deadline very diffuse ...

    If you send me a request for the solutions, and I have received your HW10, I'll send them to you.

  4. Is the final problems like these short problems?

  5. Guessing that the formula sheet will look like a mash-up of the previous two?

  6. The final problems will be like a few of the short example problems put together -- so one sample problem might be part (a), another part (b).

    Correct, the formula sheet will be a mash-up of the previous two.