Monday, April 5, 2010

PH255: final labs schedule

For the final 4 weeks, you'll be performing two different two-week-long experiments. These experiments are less guided than the single week experiments you have been doing so far; you'll be given a basic task and some background information, and it is up to you to figure out and complete the experiment (though not without help!).

Here's the schedule:

Experiment 1
Group 1: Giant Magnetoresistance (background)
Group 2: Millikan (procedure; see also the lab manual)
Group 3: Speed of light (procedure; zip file download from this link)
Group 4: Muon decay (hardware & experiment info)
Group 5: Interferometry (manual; recommended to run in Michelson mode)

Experiment 2
Group 1: Speed of light
Group 2: Muon decay
Group 3: Interferometry
Group 4: Giant Magnetoresistance
Group 5: Gamma ray spectroscopy

In addition to the links above, you'll receive some handouts and experimental guidelines to define the overall goals of the experiments and get you started on the relevant equipment.

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