Thursday, April 15, 2010

PH253: Exam 2 results

First: the grades for exam 2, and your updated overall average, are on moodle now. You'll get the exams back in lecture ... about 8.5 hours from now.

Second: it was not as bad as you had feared, but as a whole you did fall for the straightforward-but-mathematically-tedious traps (problems 2 & 6, mostly). The alternative was problems 4 & 5, which were very simple with little calculation if you remembered what to do.

Third: here are some interesting plots.
The distribution was far less weird this time -- about an equal number of A, B, and C grades, which is not bad at all. The average was 81.3%, with a standard deviation of 12.6% (N=46).

A few little things I found interesting:
  • You did very well on #1, which means you really looked at the practice problems (it was the same).
  • Only #2 was strangely low; it was hard, but it was also a homework problem (HW5).
  • A surprising number of people chose number 6, despite it being the obvious trap on this exam. It was straightforward, but a serious time sink. Myself, I would have skipped it. I graded fairly generously on that one if you had algebraic issues but the method was basically ok.
More details and solutions tomorrow ...


  1. yes, thanks for getting that done so fast!

  2. Trying to make up for being a bit slow on HW grading this semester ... an exam is a big enough chunk of your grade I'd rather not make you wait.