Thursday, April 22, 2010

PH253 & PH255: Extra credit exam

The details of the major field text ***NEXT WEDNESDAY**** (details of the extra credit for PH253 and PH255 to follow).

The Dept. of Physics & Astronomy would like all sophomore,
junior & senior Physics majors to take the Physics Major Field
Test (MFT) next week,

** Wednesday 28 April in room 203 Gallalee **

You may _START_ the exam any time between

**  1-2:30pm    **

You are allowed 2 hours for the exam.
** PLEASE E-MAIL Patrick LeClair     **

This exam is an extra credit opportunity for all 200-, 300-,
& 400-level physics & astronomy courses this semester. 
We will also offer a 2GB flash drive to all students who
participate, as well as free drinks and munchies. Additional
awards will be given to the top sophomore, junior, senior scorers.

The Physics MFT is online, consists of 70 multiple-choice
questions, with immediate grading.  Only correct answers are
scored, and there is NO PENALTY for omissions or wrong answers.

We will provide scratch notebooks for you to use (which we will
collect when you are done) and calculators are NOT allowed.

Students may view sample questions online at

We appreciate your help in finding where we can improve our
teaching program !!

If you have any questions, please contact me.


  1. how much extra credit would be given for taking the exam?

  2. Can EE majors take this test as well?

  3. The extra credit is not finalized, but roughly speaking, it will gain you as much as half a homework set if you do well. That might translate in moving from (say) a C+ to a B-. I will try and post the details today.

    EE majors can take the test, anyone currently enrolled in a 200+ level physics class is welcome.

  4. What if we dont need extra credit on homework? Can the bonus be like 1~2 points on exam grade?

  5. After thinking about it a bit more, I've decided that the extra credit will be non-specific.

    Basically, it will add a maximum X% to your overall grade, not just homework or exams, based on your performance.

    X is not decided, but let's say it is 1.5%. If you score a 60% on the exam (which would not be bad at all), you would get an extra 0.9% added to your overall grade, which could easily make a B+ an A-, for example.

    I got behind today (housework needed doing) but will post the details tomorrow.

    There is no real down side, it will be pure extra credit so long as you score *something* on the exam. The only real loss is an hour or two of your time.