Tuesday, April 27, 2010

PH255 final presentations

This week, the modern physics lab students will present the results of one of their more involved (2-week-long) experiments. You are all invited to attend, the presentations will tentatively be held in room 322 Gallalee. Schedule below the fold ...

11:00 Wednesday: Group 4, "Giant Magnetoresistance" (2007 Nobel prize experiment)
2:00 Thursday: Group 5, "Optical Interferometry"
2:45 Thursday: Group 3, "Measuring the speed of light with Focault's method"
3:30 Thursday: Group 1: "Giant Magnetoresistance"
5:00 Friday: Group 2: "Charge Quantization: Millikan Oil Drop Experiment" (1923 Nobel prize experiment)

Group 1 = McClellan, Owen, Hannan
Group 2 = Murray, Reed, Woodham
Group 3 = Cody, Miles, Gibson
Group 4 = Tuggle, Reid, Lukens
Group 5 = Roe, Pendergrass, Harris

The presentations will last about 30 minutes, and all are related to PH253 material (and will be readily accessible to those in PH253). If you have some free time, drop by and see what your colleagues have been up to ... this is not obligatory, and there is no extra credit, it is merely for the curious.

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