Thursday, April 8, 2010

PH253: Material for Exam II

Your next exam is this coming Tuesday. Here are the sections I consider fair game:

  • 2.4.4-8 Wave functions, Schrodinger equation, 1-D potentials
  • 3.2.1 Bohr model 
  • 3.3.1-2 Hydrogen atom
  • 3.4.1-3, 5 Spin, periodic table
A lot of things we covered since the last exam will be left out, as you can see. Things I covered that weren't really in your book at all are not going to show up (e.g., variational method for molecules, energy bands in crystals).

The format of the exam will be much like last time -- there will be about 6 problems, you will need to solve 3 or 4 of them. They will be much like homework problems, but somewhat less lengthy (like the easier/mid-level HW problems, I would say, without a ton of tedious math). I'll try to put out some sample problems by the end of Thursday, but in the mean time you can consider the homework sets to be a good study guide.

A couple of things that will very likely show up in some form:
  • A 1-D potential (like an infinite well) for which you will need to either find the wave function or calculate an observable quantity like or
  • Figuring out the possible emission lines from atomic energy levels, probably in a magnetic field.
  • Finding the average radius and most likely radius of a particular orbital of the H atom.
  • Finding various things from a potential energy curve for a molecule (like HW9).
  • Problems 3.2, 3.4, and 3.8 in your text intrigued me.
As I did last time, I will provide a formula sheet with all relevant constants and basic formulas which should be enough to solve all problems. Additionally, you are allowed to bring in a single 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper with your own notes, formulas, etc. -- anything you want, really. Front and back sides are allowed, I will allow two sheets with only a single side if you prefer that. You are additionally allowed writing implements and a calculator (i.e., not a cell phone or any network-enabled device). You can feel free to program your calculator in arbitrary ways, however, just no internet or peer-to-peer communication.

Overall: if you've been keeping up with the lectures and understanding the homework, you have nothing to worry about. 


  1. will homework #4 be included on this exam?

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  3. when will the sample problems be posted?

  4. Will hwk 8 solutions be posted before the test?