Tuesday, April 20, 2010

PH253: Last two lectures / evaluations

Next week, my rough plan was to talk about magnetic resonance and its applications (e.g., MRI) for at least one lecture. However, I'm not wedded to any particular plan.

What would you like to hear about for the last lecture or possibly two? Anything tangentially considered an application of what we've learned this semester is fair game. Leave your suggestions in the comments; based on the number of submissions and plausibility I'll pick a couple of topics for next week.

Unrelated: you should receive an email about doing online teacher-course evaluations (TCEs); we will not do the scantron bubble sheet evaluations in class ... it is all going online now. Please follow the link and fill out your evaluations in the next week or so, we do value this feedback. In class on Thursday, we'll do a short discursive evaluation (i.e., you write whatever you want), so that is a good day to show up to class.

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